Roles and Permissions
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There are three different types of members in the BetterBookClub application: Basic Members, Champions, and Administrators. Each roll has a different set of permissions.

Basic Member
This is the average member who reads and reports on books. They can tag books they’ve read, want to read, or are currently reading, submit book reports, attend meetings, recommend titles, etc.

Champions can do everything a Basic Member can do, with the addition of administrative tasks. These include things like managing the Library, approving book reports, creating announcements, and scheduling meetings. Champions do not have access to managing members or payment information.

Administrators can do everything Basic Members and Champions can do, as well as inviting or deleting members, updating permissions, and editing payment information.

Note: If the Champion of your club (i.e. the point-person for implementing and running the book club) needs the ability to manage members or payment information, they’ll need to have the higher role of Administrator in the application.

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