Step 1: Create Your Book Club

Start here to get your company up and running with BetterBookClub.

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So, you want to foster a culture of learning within your company using BetterBookClub and now you need to know where to begin. You’ve come to the right place!

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to create and set up your book club.

  1. How to Create a New Book Club

  2. Set Up Your Profile

  3. Manage Book Club Settings

How to Create a New Book Club

If you're new to BetterBookClub...
If you’ve never had an account with us, you’ll first need to sign up to create your book club.

Tip: Not sure if you already have a BetterBookClub account? Just click Find Your Book Club on the right side of the sign up page and you’ll be able to search with your email address!

If you're currently a member of existing book club(s)...
You can be a member of several book clubs using one email address! That means if you’re already a part of one or more book clubs, you can create a new one using the same login. Follow the instructions below to learn how:

Member of One Book Club:

  1. Login to your BetterBookClub account.

  2. Select your book club logo in the top navigation bar. (Hint: It’s to left of your profile picture.)

  3. Select Manage Book Clubs.

  4. Select Create a Book Club.

  5. Type the name of your company in the Book Club Name field.

  6. Select Create a New Book Club.

Member of Multiple Book Clubs:

  1. Login to your BetterBookClub account.

  2. On the Manage Book Clubs page, scroll to the bottom and select Create a Book Club.

  3. Type the name of your company in the Book Club Name field.

  4. Select Create a New Book Club.

Note: When you create a new book club, you’re an Administrator by default. This means you can invite new members and manage member permissions. Visit Roles and Permissions to learn more.

Now that you’ve created a new book club, it’s time to get familiar with the application and how it works. Start by filling out your profile and updating your book club information!

Set Up Your Profile

Your Profile is where you can share and keep track of all the books you’ve read, want to read, and what you’re currently reading. This is also where you can edit your personal information and settings.

Completing your profile is one of the most important steps in setting up your new club—especially if you’re in charge of rolling out the program to your team. Set a great example for your team as they starting joining the book club and encourage engagement from the start!

Fill Out Your Profile Information and Edit Settings

Check out Edit Your Profile in our Help Center for step-by-step instructions. To hit the ground running, here’s what to do first:

  • Upload a profile photo.

  • Add your anniversary date.

Tip: Encourage your team to add the date they were hired in the Anniversary Date field. Each year on a teammate’s anniversary, your club's Champion(s) and Administrator(s) are sent an email with a list of all the books they’ve read thus far. It’s a great opportunity to celebrate your teammates' tenure by recognizing their reading accomplishments!

Add Books to Your Profile

Keep track of all your reading by tagging books you’ve read, want to read, and what you’re currently reading all in one place on your profile!

You can start right from your profile by clicking the Search for a Book button and browsing through our Amazon-powered search tool.

Manage Book Club Settings

Start setting up your book club by managing your club’s settings.

What's next?

Learn about choosing a Champion to be the point-person for your company’s book club!

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